Within our bodies reside an inner wisdom, a life force that continually moves us towards a greater expression of health and life. My approach is skilled, gentle and effective with an emphasis on releasing stored tension in the nervous system that can interfere with our inborn ability to thrive and be well.

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Focused Therapeutic

Chiropractic Services - Waltz Family Chiropractic | Chiropractor in Oakland - Massage Services

What is Focused Therapeutic?

Massage therapy can provide a number of therapeutic benefits, including pain relief, increased mobility and improved recovery from injury. Your individualized maintenance program may include focused therapeutic massage as part of your overall treatment program, particularly if you are receiving post-operative or injury rehab treatment.

Relaxation Massage

Excessive tension can contribute to a range of health issues, including tension headaches, back pain and neck pain. Our relaxation massage services utilize Swedish and deep tissue techniques, along with stretching, to help you get relief from tension and everyday stress.

Chiropractic Services - Waltz Family Chiropractic | Chiropractor in Oakland - Massage Services

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy puts a fair amount of stress on your body, which can lead to tightness and discomfort over time. Our therapists offer pregnancy massage as part of our overall prenatal care. Using gentle, relaxing techniques, they work to accommodate the ever-changing bodies of expectant mothers.

What People Say

“My experience with Kara’s work has been one of continued satisfaction. I truly feel a sense of peace and calm after each weekly session. My body feels more resilient and healthy. I especially appreciate her wisdom and expertise. She is so passionate about chiropractic care and the well-being of her patients. I am confident that any health consideration you are challenged by that Kara is the best place to start your healing journey. I will never change chiropractors. Sometimes you just know when you find the right one for life.”
Inga L.

“I met Dr. Kara two months ago, in great pain, taking pain killers and now I’m 90% better, off the pain meds and I assume it’s because of her care. Great vibe. Strong. Attentive. ”

William L.

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