Pain therapy with shock waves

Acute or chronic pain in the shoulder, knee, heel or Achilles tendon or tensed-up muscles in the neck, shoulder or back: pain makes life di cult and reduces mobility. Modern shock wave therapy is gentle on tissue and can help to alleviate pain on a long-term basis

“Extracorporeal shock wave therapy is a pain management technique that introduces high-energy sound waves into the painful areas of the body. Certain pathological changes to tendons, ligaments and muscles can be treated in a targeted manner.”

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy for pain management

What are shock waves?

Shock waves are audible high-energy sound waves. In the medical world, shock waves have been used since 1980 to disintegrate kidney stones, for instance. In modern pain therapy, low-energy shock waves are applied to the painful body regions where they can exert their curative action. Shock waves can accelerate the healing process in the body, they stimulate metabolism and improve blood circulation; damaged tissue can regenerate and fully heal.

How is shock wave treatment performed?

The therapist takes your history in an in-depth consultation, localizes the pain region by palpation and discusses the fi ndings with you.

A skin gel is then applied to the treatment area to allow the shock waves to be introduced into the body without any loss of energy.

After these preparations, shock waves are applied as the therapy head is moved over the pain region in a circular motion.

EPAT therapy treatment benefits

  • 91% Success Rate (as per clinical studies)

  • Non-invasive

  • No anesthesia required

  • No risk of infection

  • No scarring

  • No downtime

  • No risk of infection

  • No scarring

  • No downtime

Conditions and symptoms we can treat with shock wave therapy:

  • Tenis or golfer’s elbow

  • Patellar tendinitis (»jumper’s knee«)

  • Shin pain/tibial stress syndrome

  • Achilles tendon pain

  • Heel pain

  • Chronic neck and shoulder pain

  • Trigger points

  • Back pain

  • Fascial pain

I am a Personal Chef and Housecleaner, I was experiencing major left shoulder pain, reduced mobility, shooting pain ,joint and muscle pain/fatigue, numbness and tingling in hands and was afraid i was heading toward frozen shoulder. Dr’ Kara suggested ShockWave therapy. I notiticed less pain and more mobility after the first treatment. After 4 treatments I am able to scratch the middle of my back ( which i couldn’t do before), it helped reduce my pain levels significantly!, I can sleep better at night, I have full range of motion in my left shoulder and am relieved shock wave therapy prevented me from getting frozen shoulder. Highly recommend this treatment!


How many treatments are necessary and how long does each treatment take

Each therapy session takes between 10 and 30 minutes depending on the disorder to be treated. In general, an average of 3 to 6 treatments are necessary at weekly intervals.

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How successful is the therapy?

Beneficial effects are often experienced after only 1 or 2 treatments and there is no downtime. The non-surgical therapy for pain not only eliminates pain but it also restores mobility, thus quickly improving the quality of life for patients.

What People Say

“My experience with Kara’s work has been one of continued satisfaction. I truly feel a sense of peace and calm after each weekly session. My body feels more resilient and healthy. I especially appreciate her wisdom and expertise. She is so passionate about chiropractic care and the well-being of her patients. I am confident that any health consideration you are challenged by that Kara is the best place to start your healing journey. I will never change chiropractors. Sometimes you just know when you find the right one for life.”
Inga L.

“I met Dr. Kara two months ago, in great pain, taking pain killers and now I’m 90% better, off the pain meds and I assume it’s because of her care. Great vibe. Strong. Attentive. ”

William L.

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